Sunday, 20 February 2011

Paper, Scissors, Glue = Kusudama Flowers

Kusudama Individual Flowers
Loved making these dinky little flowers.  The ones above are 2" square (5 squares to make one flower) and used little effort for something very pretty.
Popped into a little pot

This is my second go at the Kusudama Flower Ball.  Dort squished the first one !!!!
Kusudama Flower Ball
This is 3" square and consists of 12 petals to make the ball up, which is a bit model making, a bit fiddly, but quite sweet when it's complete.  I have still to glue this one together as I'm waiting on some pretties for the ribbon centre before sealing off.

And as I have lots of paper to use ... these ones are made from those 6x6 paper stack pads that I seem to have a huge amount of ... they are MASSIVE !!!!   I have lots of ideas for these, and am anxiously stalking the postman waiting on some stems and oasis and other 'flower' type things to arrive !!!

As I had all the papers out, I made little post it note gift pads to use up some odds & ends ...

All these items are very easy to make, with not too much supplies needed and make great little gifts x