Friday, 19 February 2010

All new for 2010 !

So little time to blog these days. Had a look over older blog notes (quite a years of them had been archived into my delete and don't read again file ha ha ha), and didn't I just have all the free time in the world to chitchat, post pictures, and general blog hop !

Anyway am using my blog again for two reasons:

1. to keep me motivated and moving along with my projects
2. to stop me from drifting away from my fav places - when I don't blog ... I forget to read up on others (after facebooking this week, I've realised how much I'm missing lol !)

So this year my absolute favourite camera crapped out on me. So after much fluttering of lashes, dipping into my savings account etc I am now the proud and super excited new owner of the canon powershot s90 (my old one was the S60 and I thought that was the dogs !!) This new baby is just brilliant, does everything I want (and more) and can fit into my pocket love it love it love it.

Just before I turn my blog over to my new venture ... a teensy update of the babies : Both are yummy scrummy, mostly well behaved (aren't they all !) and to me just the most adorable little beings in the world.

Anyway hoping to post at least once a week in the future, but don't be surprised if my next post is January 2011 :@)

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