Sunday, 9 January 2011

Having some fun in the kitchen ...

I have decided to try at least once a month to bake (or make) something - particularly something the children can help with.  We made biscuit chocolate truffles at New Year which ds loved shaking in the bags to coat with the chocolate strands.

And this week I made Tablet ... not one for the kids though - boiling sugar and children do not go together.  Relatively easy(ish) to make, but hard work on the arms for all the stirring and mixing - but it seemed to work.  A little bit of tablet does go a long, long way - it is so sweet and very moreish.  There are many recipes online and all much of the same ...but I followed this one as it had pictures ... :0)

Next month I am going to try and bake these delicious Banana Muffins from the detailed recipe on Debbie's blog (Country Heart & Home) ... oooh and the decorated sugar cookies ... too delicious !

Tracey x