Saturday, 16 April 2011

Been Awol !

Or rather distracted by twitter and /or facebook !   Still been a productive few weeks, dd turned 2 !  She was, of course, thoroughlly spoiled and she deserved it.  A small family gathering at home, with lots of yummy food and pretty cakes.  I cannot believe that she is now two,  nor that her 'big' brother will be four in two months time ... where has the last few years gone.
playing intensly with the button board

We had a fantastic day out at the safari park, which both kids loved and of course wonderful animals aside, there is the biggest playpark.   Ds had a fabulous time showing off and climbing *very* high nets, and going down the biggest chutes - hard to believe a few months ago he was aprehensive of them. 

*hello birdy*

And ... it IS the Easter Holidays here so I'm not feeling too bad at having some lazy(ish) days.  Ds and I are still working away on the nature box and his little photo book to go with it, so hopefully that will be finished by the time he returns to nursery.   On a crafty  note, I have been trying to figure out facebook pages (arggh !) and also, been making lots more flower pots, and some pretty pendants ... which I will photo and upload shortly.


  1. Hello, found you hrough BMB...I love crafty blogs so am pleased to find you! You can find mine at

  2. aww your daughter looks like she wants to stroke that peacock! We nominated you for the Kreativ Blog Award by the way :)

  3. Maine and Yemen with " etting"?
    Lou Dobbs , TOO?