Friday, 1 April 2011

This made me cry !

No matter what I make, or create, or turn from old to new - I can never do this  ...

DS aged 3.5 made this for me at nursery and even tried to write his own name.   The flowers are just gorgeous, hee hee I love the way he's packed as many as he can in this tiny pot.  But most importantly I LOVED how proud he was and how pleased with it he was when he gave it to me.

I will remember that look forever, his big blue eyes, beaming smile, he had that look of 'I love you mummy' and boy was I choked !

Yes, I did shed a tear, my beautiful clever little boy.  He's come a long way from the tiny, notgrowing inside, induced way too early,  4lb button that he was, and he's doing so well and I'm so proud of him. And I feel blessed every day, to have my two beautiful little people (DD almost 2), and I adore them so much.  That's what the maternity matters  means to me ...  that never questioned love, the struggles, the mischievousness, the cuddles and tears .. the surprise little gifts they bring you x

One week old - so fragile



  1. That is so precious. We're such lucky mummies.

    Thanks for sharing this with us for the Maternity Matters Meme xxx

  2. I can't wait for moments like these x

  3. I love that look in their eyes - the one that shows how proud they are. Giving you something they have created just for you! X

  4. It's lovely seeing when they're proud of something. At the moment Baby Badger is proud of being able to stand and surf along the sofa - a look of triumph when she gets close enough to grab at my shoulder. I can't wait until she's old enough to make things (and for me to guess what on earth they are).

  5. so tiny, so amazing.
    the flowers are lovely - lucky you