Friday, 1 April 2011

I've been featured !

Wow, am so chuffed that the give-away at  went so well.  Congratulations to the lucky winners, and thank you to everyone who stopped by my blog and left me such lovely comments.   I appreciated them all.

I have also been featured *puffs out chest* on  thank you very much, it's lovely to know that people like what I do (this crafting at home can be a bit lonely sometimes lol)

 I have lots of ideas and lots of new things coming along, so keep in touch.

You can see my website here Pebble Heart   which, having built myself and transitioned from another webspace, I'm quite pleased with it ... !

I also was presented with a super blogger award, which I will update and pass on the award tomorrow.



  1. Well done with all the work on your website. I've sent off all the flowers today. Packed them extra carefully with "fragile" all over the parcels. Can't wait to hear from the winners when they arrive.

  2. Loved the flowers you have posted for the giveaway, and really have enjoyed reading your blog!!!